Allow Access to internal through Sophos XG

Hi everyone,

Below is a rough sketch on my network. VLANs have been set on and by the ISP on their side. VLAN1 is for data. Which means PCs on the left should communicate with those on the right and vice.

From the right I can only ping upto the Sophos which is static routes). Beyond that, I cannot ping. I hope to get the left side to get DHCP ip addresses from the left side. 

Please help. 

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  • All right,

    I think we are getting somewhere.

    Remember, the first issue was I couldn't ping internal resources behind the Sophos XG? Well, the solution was this:

    Under Hosts and Services->, I created two hosts. 1) The_Last_Network (a.k.a the branch office network and 2) Our_Network (a.k.a HQ

    Then I created a firewall rule, basically, 


    LAN, The_Last_Network


    LAN, Our_Network, Any Services

    And Vwala, I could ping internal resources.

    Problem 2, was to get DHCP to work.

    so Under Adminstration-> Device Access->Local service ACL exception rule->Add

    Source zone: LAN

    Source Netowrk/ Host: TheLast_Network
    Destination Host: HQ (

    Services: All of them

    After this I no longer get issues in the packet Capture concerning port 67 and 68
    Which is good, except my user PC is not receiving an IP address.

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