High Jitter on Teams session


we have very severe problems with Teams communications during working hours.

There is extremely high jitter and often it is not possible to establish a video communication.

We set up a sensor in PRTG which is based on the SFB Network Assesment tool.

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As we see no issues from the outside (e.g. homeoffice) this is very unlikely a Microsoft problem.

We strongly suspect that the Sophos XG is causing the issue however we also investigating in other directions. We have an XG550 cluster and are running on XG550 (SFOS 17.5.12 MR-12.HF062020.1) .

This is not an issue with bandwith or a special provider as we see it occuring on both of our internet lines.

Firewall rule is straightforward.

Wireshark shoes that most times UDP is chosen as communication protocol. The jitte seems to be more a problem for incoming packets than for outgoing ones.

Anybody else noticed this? Are there any tweeks that could resolve the problem?

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