Issue Attachement Upload Exchange OWA

Hi all,

we have a XG (SFOS 17.5.10 MR-10) and configured the access to Exchange2016 Webmail, which is working fine so far.

But, if I try to upload a Attachement from Outside the LAN, the Upload stuck on attachments larger than 1,x MB.

Inside our LAN or if I'm connected with VPN, i can upload add these attachements without any issue.

I also tried to temp. disable the Exchange-security (Exchange general), but the issues is still there.

Any suggests what I have to do?

Many thanks


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  • Hi ,

    I was able to find the internal reference to your issue. This seems to be related to an ID (NC-62805) that has been resolved with the workaround provided by our development team. I would…

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