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XG V18 MR3

Hello Sophos,
can we still expect the XG V18 MR 3 this week ?

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  • Update: SFOS v18 MR3 has been released
    Please see - 

    Hi All,

    Here's the latest update:

    As with any release for XG Firewall, ensuring high quality and a great customer experience is our top priority with MR3.  For this reason, we generally do not make timing commitments for Maintenance Releases and only publish them once they meet our high quality standards. MR3 is a substantial release, integrating a number of security and performance enhancements as well as a significant number of fixes. We know there is high anticipation amongst partners and customers for many of these enhancements and are working as fast as possible to get it into their hands. We expect to release it next week but as mentioned, quality is our top priority and that will determine the release timing.

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  • When MR3 doesn't solve all the problems, Sophos is history in our company. It's impressive how the community tried to handle the disaster of the last 4 months, but like a professional company the problems under maintenance are unbearable. Shophos is the 4th vendor we use in our 23 year history and it is the worst. But, it's our own fault. There would have been enough evidence.

  • Hi Heinz, we have been using 18.0.1 for a few months now and we haven't had much problems.

    But we are not yet using the full functionalities.
    We are in the process to preparing for a major project with a big customer, and are therefore quite curious about possible risks.
    What are the issues that are driving you mad? :-)
    You can send them as a private message if you don't want to put them here.



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  • I would also be interrested in the list of issues you have with the current version. If you don't want to post it on the forum, feel free to share it via PM. Thx

  • Big flaming install issue on UEFI system I brought up server times and it was essentially "shut up Brian

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