XG V18 MR3

Hello Sophos,
can we still expect the XG V18 MR 3 this week ?

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  • rfcat_vk said:

    Please folks remember this is only the first week of September.


    First week of september? [:^)] 

    Not sure which calendar do you use for 2020, but this weekend it's the second sunday of september? 

    No offense, just confused =P

  • The first week of September started this year (2020) on Monday the 7th if you use Monday as the first day of the week, if you use Sunday as the first day of the week then it was 6th of September. So the second week doesn't start until the 13/14 Sep.

    Of if you play by days then the second week started on the 8th of September, but not a regularly used cycle.

    I hope that clears up your confusion?


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