SFMOS 17.1.4 MR-4 issue to Push Templates to XG Firewalls.



i opened a Case [#9975508] for the Problem and have been waiting for a solution for weeks, but have not yet recuved an answer from support.


The Problem exists with Update to SFMOS 17.1.3 MR-3 and in last Version MR4.

I create a new empty Template, and Setup 200 HostIP Objects.


If start the Job to push the new temaple to a XG210 Firewall it needs some time and the log Event-Log Shows:

Entity: Template
Action: Apply
Success: 25
Failed: 0
In Proress: 0

and thats all.

Only the first 25 HostIPs are transmitted to the Firewall, otherwise nothing else will pass.

Looks like the same problem here:

I hope someone here knows the problem and has a solution for it.