Vpn ssl trafic to alcatel pbx

Hi, recently updated my utm9 to xg (SFOS 17.5.13 MR-13).

I already have all the rules and everything created but I am unable to make the alcatel pbx switch work. I have created the rules as I had them before in the utm9 and for some reason it does not work.

 will describe the networks and the rules:

vpn ssl: 10.81.234.x/24
alcatel servers: 172.22.0.x/24

Source: vpn --> vpn poll (ip range) --> all the time
Destination: servers --> alcatel01,alcatel02,alcatel03,alcatel04,alcatel05 (5 ips for servers) --> any services

rewrite source adress (masquerading) masq (

log firewall active


Log show this error:

the same rule, make error and 5 seconds works fine...


I cant register sophone on pbx because lost connection:

i see traficc but i cant make works:

can i help me? thanx

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