Limit All Video traffic to specified IP Addresses

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We are in need of limit all the video traffic includes video stream sites like yout*be,netfi*x and any other video stream web page sites specified by ip addresses.
If possible, can we exclude streams through apps like logmein, zoom?

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  • Hello Can,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    If you want to block video streaming traffic, for Youtube, Netflix or any other video services, you can block them by blocking the category of Video Streaming.

    Check this out this KB for more information.

    The same process you could use to block any apps you want.

    I am however a bit confused that you mentioned by IP? You meant you would like to block all of Youtube, Netflix, etc IPs? or you want to block for specific source IPs?



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  • Thanks  for the support.


    I Prefer Limiting bandwith usage when video services being in use rather than blocking the access; for specified internal ip addresses rather than user names because of defined live user definitions (mobile phones, tablets etc.) in the XG.

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