PAT not working as supposed on XG V18

Hi all,

I have migrated from V17x to V18 some month ago and with the very small used functions at home everything was working fine afterwards.

I was tying to setup a DNAt rules with port translation today without success. I used the wizard for DNAT internet to local server for ssh and it created one fw rule and NAT. The wizard does't ask for a dst. service just the source service.

So far it was working. SSH from WAN to internal worked by using port 22.

But to keep it a little more save i want to use port 8022 from WAN. Therefore i changed the two rules as follows:

S-Zone: any
S-Net:    any anytime
D-Zone   LAN
D-Net:   #port2     is the WAN port
service:  change from ssh to a new generated TCP_8022
The rest was kept as built from the wizard


o-source:   any
o-dest:  #port2 
o-service:   changed from ssh to TCP_8022
T-source(SNAT)  original
T-dest(DNAT) xxxnas   internal host
t-service(PAT) changed from original to ssh
ibound-if  #port2 
outbound-if  any

When i try to save this i get a message "Original and translated services don't match" and i am not able to store that.
Any idea why? What i am doinf wrong? 


  • Hi,


    First, don't use the DNAT wizard of v18, It's garbage by design.

    "Original and translated services don't match"

    You have a mismatch between the source and destinations services. Be sure your only changing the destination port on both services, here's rule example for what your trying to do now:

    External facing port (service)

    Local port (service)

    This will translate the external facing port 8022 on #Port2 (WAN) to the internal 22 on the machine "Saturn".

    And here's the firewall rule.

    And here's the result :)




  • Make Sure the selected protocols are same in original and translated service(TCP/UDP) and check the source ports mentioned.

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