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Mistakenly deleted the Interfaces added in the Bridge Pair br0 without having WAN port access or Console access

Recently I just got the XG106 Firewall device. Tried to do some basic configuration. 

I connected the LAN (PORT 1) of XG device to my Laptop ethernet port for basic configuration. It was working fine at that time.

As In XG106 device, there are only two ports (1 WAN (PORT 2) + 1 LAN (PORT 1)). While doing the initial port configuration in the GUI, I couldn't find the PORT 1 for LAN configuration. Then I found that under bridged interfaces. I accidentally removed the PORT 1 from bridged interfaces directly.

Now my network got disturbed and I couldn't be able to reach my firewall. is not pinging. And also not able to access the web based GUI. 

It looks like I got blocked away by myself. when I gone through about this, I found something like this..

The removal of the bridge will result in network disruption to your clients. Prior to performing this, ensure that you still have access to the device via the WAN port or via Console access. Interfaces added in the Bridge Pair cannot be removed directly, you have to remove bridge configuration.

Unfortunately I don't have the access via WAN port or Console(Because console can be accessed only from web GUI)

Can anyone please suggest me what to do at this point??

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  • Hi,

    you should be able to access the console via the ethernet com connector which is serial interface. As well your device has 4 GB ports.


    V18.0.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram on 4 port MB with 2 x APX120 - 20w. 
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