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I have just connected to an XG Firewall and as well as the user name and password and underneath is a captcha image with a box to type in response.

Haven't seen anything about that?

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  • [Updated - 5/7/2020 @ 4:50pm PDT]

    Hi All,

    Sophos added Captcha authentication to the admin and user portals on the WAN and VPN zones. This change only applies to XG Firewall v17.x and v18.x, except for XG85/XG85w devices. Any Cyberoam device that has upgraded to the XG Firewall firmware will not implement Captcha.

    This was implemented as an extra security defense against attackers attempting to script automated login attempts before customers had the opportunity to perform password resets; it’s also regarded as a best practice. The use of Captcha is currently not a policy-controlled option. Admins will see Captcha even if multi-factor authentication is enabled.

    Florentino Sanchez
    Community Manager, Support & Services

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