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l2tp problem/question


i am setting up a l2tp remote vpn for several users

my public ip in on the xg125

l2tp works but is very slow , my internet is 10 Mbps dedicated fiber

1- should i have multiple users for the l2tp ?

2- how can i speed it ?


thank you

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  • The xg125 is not able to handle 4 vpn connections

    Very very slow with a lot of disconnections with error 691 !!

    In the time of need sophos disappointed me

    I will remove it once corona is over  from my 6 companies

  • Actually it should be but i rather would not use L2TP. Instead Sophos Connect and/or SSLVPN.

    L2TP is some sort of old standard, which is not quite frequently used anymore. 


  • I will set it up now and test it

    Any tips ?

  • Noob here....

    Um im really noob but 10Mbps doesnt sound all that fast for a fibre link?
    What are they trying to do that is slow, im wondering if your expectations are unrealistic?

    Have you checked the firewall stats to see if the WAN link is getting maxed out?

    Windows VPN will by default route all traffic through the VPN, you have to manually untick the box for "Use default gateway on remote network" in the advanced settings of the TCP/IP Properties of the adapter. Otherwise if they are using netflix or anything it will come down via your office through the VPN.
    Assuming doing so meets with you organisations policies, although with a link that big im not sure you have many options.

    On the off chance this the problem, Im just playing with sophos connect myself, looks like if this is the issue you cant configure it directly via the admin page or in windows.

    I have an XG115 and no problems with nearly 10 users connected, although i note that the default IPSec settigns for L2TP appear to be um very weak.

    PS. Did i say im a networking noob!

  • PS. i have an XG115 with nearly 10 users connected, no problems.....

  • First of all, you need to specify the issue: 

    Try to perform a Download on your WAN Interface XG, to verify, the proper ISP speed it attached to XG. 

    Login to the Advanced Shell (Option 5 - Option 3) : wget -O /dev/null

    If you can verify, you get enough throughput, you should start to verify, if the Ressource in your network is causing it or your network. 

    I like to use iperf. Small tool to run on windows and on linux. You can run easily a speed test and verify, which performance is there without limitation of the protocol. 


    Sophos Connect can be modified via Sophos Connect Admin.


  • I setup sophos connect

    Installed and connected

    Works for 2 seconds then stops..infact l2tp is faster

  • What do you mean with Stopped? What stopped? Could you share some screenshots of your seeing? Otherwise we cannot help you. 


  • It still shows as connected but there is no rdp or ping to anything..but another machine with l2tp everything is working in the same time

    I am now away from the machine , i will post tomorrow

  • i have a feeling my xg has some issue , till now it did not find the new SFOS 18 .. still on 17

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