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E-Mail in Ausnahme wird weiterhin geblockt

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe ein Absender in die Ausnahme hinzugefügt und trotzdem wird diese geblockt. Laut Protokoll wird der Absender von Sophos auf die Blacklist gestellt. Was muss ich nun machen um das zu verhindern? 

Hier die Ausnahme

und hier das Protokoll


Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe! 





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  • Hi  

    This looks to be due to greylisting in Sophos XG. Greylisting will prevent spam by rejecting a message the first time. Sophos XG Firewall notifies the sending server that it is currently busy. When the message is re-transmitted by the sending server, Sophos XG Firewall will recognize the combination of IP, sender e-mail address and receiver e-mail address and accept the mail.

    Please provide more logs from the log viewer for this email.

    PS: I've moved your post to the correct group.


    Ex-Sophos Member

  • Hi Jaydeep,


    thank you for moving my post to the correct group. How is it about greylisting in the version SFOS 17.5.9 MR-9? I read some post in Sophos forum about it and I'm afraid about the delay of send/recieve emails. 

    can you please help me how i can look to the E-Mails logs? 


    Thank you!


  • Hey guys,


    i still have the problem, can someone help me to find a solution? 


    Thank you!