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Cannot manage v18 firewall from SFM



After successfully migrated my XG135W from v17.5.9 to v18, I'm unable to manage my firewall in SFM.

I downloaded the compatibility pack from SFM for v18 firmware as shown on this screenshot:


But when I select the v18 firewall in the list of the firewalls managed by SFM and I click OK, nothing happens.:


Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi,

    We seem to have the same issue.

    SFM is managing 59 XG Firewalls running 17.5.11 without an issue. However we have a single firewall running 18.0.0 and it shows up green and in sync on the dashboard however simply wont take any changes pushed to it. I have re-downloaded the compatibility pack for SFM and still the same result.

    Any suggestions?