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user with admin privileges can't login

I've created a user with admin privileges (User type: Administrator and Profile: Administrator), but this user can't login into the admin portal (port 4444), but it can login into the user portal (4443) where it get prompted to create a OTP.

In the log I see "User admin2 failed to login to Web Admin Console because of wrong credentials"

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  • Andre,

    did you enable OTP even for webadmin?

    If yes, make sure that the admin acquired the OTP otherwise the user without the otp will not be able to access any services, exception for user portal.


  • The OTP was enabled for that user too, but after I've disabled, it couldn't even login into the user portal.

    I don't know if there is an option to disable the OTP for "webadmin". The regular "admin" user doesn't use OTP.

  • Take a look at OTP - Settings:


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