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SG 210 with software version XG Home License

Hello All, 

I've been stumbling around on this forum for a few months now but somehow i still didn't find a suitable solution for my issue:

I bought a SG210 for cheap - i was actually considering to buy a pc with double network cards in it but when i saw that SG210 online for $75 i thought i couldn't get any better deal. 
My intention is (and was) to install the software version of XG Home License on a device so i have a fully functional firewall with all the extra's to setup in my home automation system which is, to be honest, slowly overcrowded with IOT devices that 'need' internet access. I wanted to restrict that access (or limit it at least) to only the necessary functions.

I tried several steps and different solutions:

- gparted the internal HD of the SG210 and than use a bootable USB with the SW 17-5-9 ISO on it but on reboot all the LED's start blinking one after the other and beeps from high to low sounded from the SG210

- installed Ubuntu on the SG210 to be sure the partition was empty and again, after reboot, lights and noise from the SG210 but no installation possible

- reinstalled XG Hardware Appliance OS - which worked fine but was limited due to license limitations

So, my questions are: is it possible to run XG Software with a Home License on a SG210? And if 'yes': How do i get it to work?
I am aware that it is possible to run it on a SG115 and similar models - i just haven't found a way to get it to run on a SG210...

I know there could be a chance that these questions are already answered - if so: please move the post to the appropriate board or remove the post at all but please be so kind to refer me to the solution

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