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XG with less Port backup restore

I have a client with an XG230 and a HA unit.  The previous provider didn't set HA and I want to do a lot of clean up and update the firmware and configure HA properly.  I have been able to get all 27 store set up properly and was able to swap units because they had a spare XG105.  I have a spare XG 115 I keep for emergency.  I want to restore the config from their XG230 into my XG115 in case of emergency because I have a short window to perform this since they are almost 24/7 and all 27 stores connect to this XG230.


Any way I can edit the config so the XG115 take it.  They are currently using 4 port and the last port for HA.  I can delete the last port out of the config since this will be a backup unit without HA.  Any way I can do this?


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