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XG 135 random reboots



I have a XG 135 running SFOS 17.5.8 MR-8 and it has very recently started to randomly auto reboot during the day. It has happened twice now on two separate occasions.

All I can see in the logs is that the device has started, and no reason given for the sudden reboot, and all statistics eg under Firewall Rules have reset to zero?

Anyone else experiencing this?


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  • Louis,

    I would also suggest to check HW components (memory, disks, ethernet) by following this kb:


  • We had it happen again today with our 430. I was searching in the firewall logs and it completely locked up. When I looked at the front panel of the device the drive activity was almost solid blue. Also, the front lcd panel does nothing. I couldn't cycle thru any of the options. So, I had to power cycle the device to get it back up.


    We are replacing the unit tomorrow during a maintenance window with the replacement Sophos sent us. Still not sure if it's hardware or software.

  • I would investigate that by performing HW checks so at least you know if the issue was the HW and next time you can save time and number of reboots.

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  • This issue could be caused by an Bug, which should be resolved by changing the Hardware. 

    Maybe check: 

    console> system auto-reboot-on-stall show
    Auto reboot system on CPU stall is disabled

    This would lead to at least the hardware will reboot in case of freezing.  


  • Lucar,

    what do you mean "by a bug"?

    SW bug? So everyone that has this model, it is affected?

    Are you sure about that?

  • I am not involved in the Bug follow up process, but i knew some customers with such an issue. They replaced their hardware and the issue was gone. 

    So i am not quite sure, what was going on there but i assume, its somehow a kernel panic. 

    But compared to the numbers of installations, i monitor (partners and customers), this is a small numbers of issues. 


  • That's Sophos supports job! =)


    It's brand new hardware implemented 3 months ago. Everything from the web console under diagnostics looks good. I swapped out the box Saturday, so we will see if the replacement 430 works better.