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XG VM on Hyper V 2019

Hi All,

I am setting up server 2019 std with Hyper V role and installed XG As a virtual machine. all went well until i rebooted it  after successfully registering it. It hangs at 'stopping'. if you rt click the VM and choose shut down, same issue. Windows server vm work fine. anyone seen this? works fine on 2012.

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  • i would suggest you Build a server with windows server 2019 , install hyper v, then deploy an XG VM and then set up windows backup, schedule a job, let it run  and see the results for yourself. VM will not shut down, stopping................ never gets there and HV manager will hang when you try to recover. then you see backup fails after about a hour in event logs, B-up console shows nothing, HV manager thinks back up is still running as all VM status says 'backing up......'. Then end the task is only way or server will hang on reboot. After restart and XG is good again, until the next backup. HV console normal backup console show failure, " timed out before shared protection point was................... i wiped the drive and reinstalled, no change.