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Home New Install clients get denied access

I recently installed XG and I noticed a few thinks, I probably do have to go through the documentation is one thing.


I have noticed nodes are randomly not allowed to the internet, it could my TV, phone, PC, and after some time it clears up.


In the logs I have seen dropped packets / denied for those IP addresses, but I can not figure what exactly is blocking me going out. 

For example today, I joined an IPAD to the wifi (ubiquity) and it can not get out, of course if I replace the firewall with a a standard router with stateful firewall the issue subsides.


I know this is a broad question but I think one issue is I did not properly setup the firewall possibly. My layer 3 switch (cisco) is the gateway and sends the traffic to the XG. I am thinking the XG may not understand where to send responses back?


How can I get this figured out as I really want to learn the product but also not cause issues like this to the users in the houses. :)

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