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Automatic IPSec failover and failback between two XGs with two WAN ports each


According to XG Firewall v17.5 specification:

„VPN and SD-WAN Failover and Failback including new IPSec failover and failback controls and SD-WAN link failback options.”


Does it really works between two XGs with two WAN ports each ? - 4 variants of the IPSec list are theoretically possible:

XG1-WAN1 to XG2-WAN1

XG1-WAN1 to XG2-WAN2

XG1-WAN2 to XG2-WAN1

XG1-WAN2 to XG2-WAN2


Does it really works, automatic?

Best Regards Peter

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  • OK

    Failover and Failback works. Now I test "route branch office internet traffic through the head office ISP gateway" via VPN IPSec connection

    according to:


    In my XGs based police routing and internet traffic works only on primary site-to-site VPN IPSec connection. I had defined failover group on BO XG and 4 VPN IPSec connections between 2 XGs . Failover i Failback, after automatic switch to second or third VPN IPSec connection - works with communication between LANs but does not works internet traffic. Internet traffic works only on primary site-to-site connection...

    Can you help me?

    Thanks Peter.


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