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XG Firewall Home Edition on SG Hardware


is it possible the XG Firewall Home Edition run on a SG Hardware Appliance?


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  • No. The home use license is a software license only. We intentionally don't allow home licenses on appliances.
  • Hi AlanT,

    thanks for your Reply.

    This sounds like bad news for all who have an SG Hardware for home use.

    That's a pity!

  • I agree With HL2.

    Many previous UTM 9 Home Users do have appliances at home and if you break it down an appliance is just x86 hardware and I think someone should be able to buy these hardware and put an home Version on it.

    It's even better for Sophos. In this way more appliances can be sold. ;)

    The restrictions of 4 cores and 6GB RAM would still apply. So I don't unterstand why you don't let home users install the home Version on an appliance.
  • Why would you place a restriction on not allowing the home version on your appliances? I specifically bought an appliance for my home because I don't want a giant computer taking up more room, that I don't have. Seems like you are financially shooting yourself in the foot, we home users buying an appliance is revenue for you, (not much, but some) where as forcing us to use and Intel based machine means you loose money, because you make absolutely nothing from that hardware sell.

    Unnecessary crack downs = Lost customers.

    -1 for that decision
  • Maybe they just don't make money on hardware but on licenses?


  • No doubt thats, where the bread an butter is, but just buying the appliance only you still buy that initial base license...which is not being used so therefore pure theory. They aren't loosing money for each one they sell thats for sure.
  • So who in the community is going to figure this one out.....
  • Only way this could work is to wipe the Hardware installation and install the Software Version.

    The home licenses can't be applied to a software installation not on principle or financial gain but purely down to the license types.

    AFAIK, someone feel free to chime in here, you can re-install the SG appliance with a Software installation but you lose the functionality given by the Hardware Installation.

    Note: this would completely invalidate the hardware's warranty I believe.

  • When I tried to install the ASG version (PC version) on my SG appliance it told me that it couldn't install I had to use the ssi version (Hardware version) to install once I installed the hardware version it would not let me add my ASG/Home license, so you then have to remove a file via ssh or etc once that file is removed and the appliance is rebooted it will then allow you to add you ASG/Home license.
  • Hmm, there were a few people on the forums who had got it done. Will have to peruse.