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XG Firewall - Roadmap?


is there a roadmap for the XGs for the next major versions and the planned functions?


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  • I am expecting certain fixes from Development team and most awaiting is Synchronized Application Control further development  to put for practical use !!!!!!

  • From what I was told 17.1 will also include fix for static ip PPPoE VPN users that have a tunnel that wont re-establish.  So that's a new vpn fix that hasn't been available to this point as well.  

  • Sophos Firewall Roadmap

    XG v17.1

    XG v17.1 will be released in April at the latest.

    • Synchronized Application Control (SAC) - Various improvements and more well-known software
    • CASB Visibliity - Even more insight into the shadow IT
    • Email Protection - Per-user controls over black/allow list & exeptions
    • Migration Tool from SG to XG (Sounds great, but unfortunately it’s not “yet”. Much is not taken over.)
    • Support for new hardware models XG85 - XG135 Rev. 3

    XG v17.2

    • Stonewalling - When an endpoint is infected, the firewall stops other clients from communicating with it to prevent it from spreading across the network.
    • Central Management & Reporting - Cloud Management and Reporting from the Firewall
    • Email Protection - BATV/SPF/AD User verification - This will finally bring important features to the XG. The XG MTA is completely replaced by the UTM.
    • Support for the new APX access points
    • IPS TALOS categorization

    XG v17.3

    XG v17.3 will also be released this year. Here is a small extract of the expected features. More detailed explanations will be given by us shortly before the release.

    • Lateral Movement Detection - Leverage Firewall to detect lateral movement attempts from Eps
    • Device Discovery and IOT - Device detection and identification with Deep Learning
    • Email Protection - DKIM Protection
    • Air Gap Licensing Support - Support from enviroment where Internert access is limited for Firewall licensind and synchronisation
    • Web & Firewall - Support classrom-wide URL overrides, Automatic firewall rule groupings

  • "XG v17.1 will be released in April at the latest." On a positive note, let's hope that Sophos will iron out all bugs even though it'll be released later than promised.

  • Hej,

    any news about Common Criteria EAL Certification for XG v17?


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    Sophos Certified UTM Architect

  • Can you tell us if there are plans for any usability improvements like implementing separate logs for wireless security, DHCP, and system logs, and the ability to choose the default gateway address at install instead of I tried the XG but went back to UTM because of the logging was terrible.

  • Apparently, they can't ....


    Paul Jr

  • Of course. I forgot, it's top-secret.[H]

  • Mid-June 2018 ...  March 2018 is long gone ...

  • Well... 17.1 GA is out !!!