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XG Firewall - Roadmap?


is there a roadmap for the XGs for the next major versions and the planned functions?


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  • Sophos Firewall Roadmap

    XG v17.1

    XG v17.1 will be released in April at the latest.

    • Synchronized Application Control (SAC) - Various improvements and more well-known software
    • CASB Visibliity - Even more insight into the shadow IT
    • Email Protection - Per-user controls over black/allow list & exeptions
    • Migration Tool from SG to XG (Sounds great, but unfortunately it’s not “yet”. Much is not taken over.)
    • Support for new hardware models XG85 - XG135 Rev. 3

    XG v17.2

    • Stonewalling - When an endpoint is infected, the firewall stops other clients from communicating with it to prevent it from spreading across the network.
    • Central Management & Reporting - Cloud Management and Reporting from the Firewall
    • Email Protection - BATV/SPF/AD User verification - This will finally bring important features to the XG. The XG MTA is completely replaced by the UTM.
    • Support for the new APX access points
    • IPS TALOS categorization

    XG v17.3

    XG v17.3 will also be released this year. Here is a small extract of the expected features. More detailed explanations will be given by us shortly before the release.

    • Lateral Movement Detection - Leverage Firewall to detect lateral movement attempts from Eps
    • Device Discovery and IOT - Device detection and identification with Deep Learning
    • Email Protection - DKIM Protection
    • Air Gap Licensing Support - Support from enviroment where Internert access is limited for Firewall licensind and synchronisation
    • Web & Firewall - Support classrom-wide URL overrides, Automatic firewall rule groupings

  • "XG v17.1 will be released in April at the latest." On a positive note, let's hope that Sophos will iron out all bugs even though it'll be released later than promised.

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