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Hi XG Community!

We've finished SFOS v16.05.1 MR1. This release is available for all SFOS v16.05 installations without limitations.
Customers running SFOS v15.01 or SFOS v16.01 first need to install SFOS v16.05.0 GA via the staged process.

Issues Resolved

  • NC-15682 [API] Add migration support for CR 10.6.5 to SF 16.05
  • NC-15748 [AVD] AV scanning failed due to backtrace error in AVD
  • NC-14279 [Access] PPTP Remote Access failes because username isn't case sensitive in SFOS
  • NC-14370 [Authentication] Dashboard shows wrong number of connected remote users
  • NC-15061 [Authentication] Unable to login to user portal when the password contains backslash (\)
  • NC-14398 [Backup-Restore] Scheduled backup to FTP location not working
  • NC-12999 [Base System] Unable to upgrade firmware due to high usage of /content partition on CR15iNG appliance
  • NC-14656 [Base System] Restrict SF v16 upgrade for appliances having less than 2GB RAM
  • NC-13970 [CaptivePortal] Authentication via captive portal should not ask for OTP user if this user is not listed as OTP user
  • NC-14468 [Clientless Access(HTTP/HTTPS)] CSC Service stops responding
  • NC-14272 [Clientless Access] Up- / Download of files in a folder which name contains a “&” doesn't work via SMB bookmark
  • NC-15389 [Clientless Access] Comma not working on portuguese keyboard in
  • NC-15056 [Framework(UI)] CSRF token is submitted to other pages unencrypted
  • NC-15148 [Framework(UI)] Mouse over pop up disappears when shown first time
  • NC-15858 [Framework(UI)] Fix reflected XSS in userportal
  • NC-14827 [IDS + AppControl] HTTP websites are blocked by 'Block generally unwanted apps' default policy
  • NC-14599 [IPS] IPS constantly taking high CPU when deployed in discover mode
  • NC-12988 [Mail Proxy] Wrong message in event viewer for SMTP deployment mode in template export via SFM
  • NC-13892 [Mail Proxy] Huge delay to fetch emails when POP3s proxy is used
  • NC-14209 [Mail Proxy] SPX template "none" can not be set in MTA policy with all languages except English
  • NC-14526 [Mail Proxy] UTM hangs after adding and saving an ADDRESS GROUP in SMTP SCAN rules
  • NC-14560 [Mail Proxy] Improve Sandstorm item details shown in sandstorm activity report
  • NC-14771 [Mail Proxy] If sandstorm pending mail is released from mail spool, it is not reflected in sandstorm activity page
  • NC-14819 [Mail Proxy] MTA should work without assert in case of antivirus scanning fail
  • NC-14822 [Mail Proxy] Email address should be displayed in log viewer for sandstorm email logs
  • NC-14831 [Mail Proxy] 'Select All' should only select max supported number of mails in mail spool for retry or delete action
  • NC-14948 [Mail Proxy] Sandbox pending/err mails are not released from sandstorm activity page on auxiliary node
  • NC-14964 [Mail Proxy] Make mail quarantine search case insensitive
  • NC-15104 [Mail Proxy] Fix alignment of SMTP Policy page for all supported languages
  • NC-15212 [Mail Proxy] Occasional segmentation faults in awarrenmta
  • NC-15233 [Mail Proxy] Disabling TLS 1.0 in SPX reply and registration portal
  • NC-15244 [Mail Proxy] User is logged out when creating an Address Group with more than 400 entries using import file from Email Policies page
  • NC-15253 [Mail Proxy] Mail can't be delivered if the server certificate is invalid
  • NC-15279 [Mail Proxy] Filename is missing in logviewer & Sandstorm Activity page for email
  • NC-15477 [Mail Proxy] Filename is missing in report of sandstorm activity for email records
  • NC-15713 [Mail Proxy] Add warning when trying to download Sandstorm infected mails through Admin portal
  • NC-15719 [Mail Proxy] Re-scan email for AV, Sandstorm & DLP at time of release from quarantine
  • NC-15720 [Mail Proxy] Emails are that quarantined due to malicious content found shouldn't be allowed to be downloaded from user portal
  • NC-15803 [Mail Proxy] GUI and label related issue while import file in address group
  • NC-16039 [Mail Proxy] MTA dies when mail is sent with multiple attachments and sandstorm is configured
  • NC-15749 [Network Services, Networking] Old conntrack remain the same during Policy Route to VPN failover
  • NC-12214 [Networking] New warning message for unbinding interfaces trivialize effects
  • NC-8873 [Networking] 169.254 addesses not permitted on interfaces
  • NC-14509 [RED] Read/write locked to red_post_data
  • NC-15287 [RED_Firmware] mobile_network config part not pushed to provisioning server
  • NC-14554 [Reporting] Report notification email does not contain pdf attachment for non english language
  • NC-14663 [Reporting] Fix SQL injection issue
  • NC-15195 [Reporting] Sandstorm: Hits count don't match with the detailed report of Sandstorm Mail Senders widget
  • NC-15715 [Reporting] Custom web reports shows the report for wrong time
  • NC-15836 [Reporting] Sandstorm reports are not available for purging
  • NC-15140 [Routing] OSPF - Unable to "Override Interface" for RED interface
  • NC-15065 [SSLVPN] Cannot download SSLVPN Client via userportal when username contains special character ñ
  • NC-14479 [Sandstorm] Fix delay before a sandboxd request gets a config change
  • NC-15375 [WAF] Default authentication templates use static realm and secret
  • NC-15734 [WINGc] Proxy categorization not working - all websites show category = none
  • NC-11745 [WLC, Wireless] Invalid message for assigning same ip address to two different Wireless Network interfaces (Localwifi)
  • NC-15632 [Web] 'Sandstorm Activity' Page is not displayed at SFM device level
  • NC-15806 [Web] Segfaults in awarrenhttp
  • NC-13326 [Wireless] High CPU usage of DHCPd
  • NC-15255 [Wireless] System graphs are not appearing for Wireless Interfaces
  • NC-15394 [Wireless] Initial 5 GHz auto-channel selection for internal AP of RED15w is not working


You can find the firmware for your appliance from in MySophos portal.

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