We are just starting the rollout of another update to the Sophos Web Appliance. Most of what's in version 4.3.5 relates to fixing issues reported by customers. For more details on the issues addressed, please take a look at the release notes.

There is one new feature in this update, which may be of interest to customers in the Asia Pacific region who are using Sandstorm.

In late 2017, Sophos expanded the Sandstorm network to include a new data center in Tokyo, Japan. In version 4.3.5 we have added 'Asia Pacific' to the list of Sandstorm data centers that you can choose from, if you want to ensure that file samples from your appliance remain within a specific region or jurisdiction. 


By default, Sandstorm is configured to 'Select automatically'. In this configuration, the Appliance will automatically send samples to the nearest location, based on network performance metrics. If you are in the Asia Pacific region and, like most of our customers, still have the Sandstorm server selection set to 'Select automatically', then it's likely that your samples are already using the new location.

Just to be extra clear - you don't need to worry about changing this option unless you are particularly sensitive about where you data resides.