AP 15C not recognized and not working on UTM 110/120 after system crash

Hi all,

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I have a UTM 110/120 appliance with firmware: 9.705-7
I have the Home license with 50 available IPs.

The appliance was working very well with the AP 15C.

But after a system crash, I had to reinstall the UTM110/120
and now the AP is not recognized anymore "Wireless protection" -> "Access points".

What can I do now, that the AP will be recognized by the UTM120?

When I correctly connect the AP. it is blinking: red, red, red, green in a loop
no matter how long it is connected. Had it connected 2 days, same result.

So, wjhere can I start CPR to "reanimate" my AP?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.


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