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Sophos UTM and Websocket connection


I don't know much about HTTP and Websocket, except some basics. I've read a bit on the net, but that's about it.

I am trying to implement a software, which I was told is using Websocket. And I am using WAF.

So, while I did managed to get it to work, there is one "small" thing not working.

It is a remote connection software, and the agent on a remote computer connects through Websocket to my UTM, and I am using WAF to connect it to the server hosting a remote agent server.

Connection is alive and I can connect to the remote computer, however the status of the machine doesn't change as expected.

When the machines goes online, the status on the server is updated immediately.

However, if the machine is online and goes offline it takes minutes to go offline in the server's console. Like it's not being detected.

I have the guys from that remote solution also on the case, but Sophos doesn't give me many options really, except Keepalive, which I tried setting to 90 and lower. Didn't help.

Can someone tell me if I can get this to work, if it's even due to Sophos? Or is it a problem in the software not doing something right?


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