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9.710: cannot download Sophos Connect client


We used the weekend to bring our SG230 to 9.710. I was chosen to be the tester for the Sophos Connect client.

1. Went to User Portal, Remote, clicked the link for the package.

2. Was redirected to the Sophos downloads page. So it looks like EVERY user needs to provide his details to download now? Hmmm.

3. The link brings you to the general download page. I can only guess that 50% of my users will try to download Sophos UTM package, as it is the first link - maybe the link could be changed to anchor on Sophos Connect further down the page? Average users will only use an average portion of their brain...

4. After entering my details, I've send the form. The download link is shown for a split second, and *swoosh* I am back at the form. I found a way to actually click the link, but no download happens. Average users won't be able to click the link that fast at all. I disabled all browser plugins etc., so that should be vanilla - however the link is presented just so shortly. Anyone else experiences this?

I guess we will need to prepare ourselves for an upgrade from UTM to something else. XG is in discussion, however we will look at other options as well, due to the way UTM is treated over the last years. It makes me a bit sad after like 15 years of Astaro and Sophos.

Anyways, I'd be happy to have a working Sophos Connect download link for the moment.

/edit: happens with Firefox 99.0.1

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  • You (as I am assuming are an administrator) can download the client software then distribute it across your organization.  Not every user has to download the client, as you can push it out using group policy tools or distribute the client to your remote users to install/install it for them.  The configuration per user is what is the important piece to your connecting.

    This client will also not install alongside the SSLVPN client, but that older client will still allegedly work, if you don't want to use Connect.  Or at least give you the opportunity to continue to use your existing remote access tools until you get Connect implemented. I get Sophos' idea about central management of software, so they only have to update at one spot, but filling out export certification and waiting for approval is absurd at best. Hence, why you download it once and implement it yourself for the organization. 

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  • I had the same issue when trying to download Sophos Connect client in Firefox, but it works fine in Chrome. Haven't tried other browsers.

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  • I seriously wonder what's wong with Sophos (PM?) guys and who decided for that BS.

    I got pretty confused mails what happened to to the SSL client. Also: What's that good for, except for increasing Admins work?

    Pointing to an extern download side, which additionally demands personal data, ist probably the most stupid one could have decided.

    But hey, good bump to drop Sophos when SG licenses end and go ahead instead of going for XG series.