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Sophos Connect issues - no infos and updates in sight!

Because the old SSL VPN Client installer will be removed with the next UTM Update, there are still a lot of features missing or not usable features for UTM Customers while XG Customers have quite more Options.

The current version of the Sophos Connect is also quite dated and there havn't been made any improvements in the last 6 month!

e.g: There is still no way to run a logon script after a successful connection. There is still no option to disable the saving of credentials There is still no option having an extra OTP field. 

And with the info of going SSL VPN Client EOL i already have known, the new Client will not be available for download anymorevia UTM like the old client. Now we have to manually install the client and download the config file manually.

Its really a pity UTM Customers won't get any attention here.

When will the Sophos Connect finally receive any updates and bugfixes??



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  • The Connect client is already being worked on for 2.2, but there is no release date for it.  2.1 has a bug in it that's supposed to be fixed in 2.2.

    UTM I believe is essentially in 'maintenance mode' - meaning there will be no updating the product, just supporting it and the only updates are to keep patterns current.

    XG is the shiny new toy that Sophos is pushing, because they most likely spent a lot of money on it and have to push it out the door, make it a pretty interface and sooner or later, UTM will go the way of the dodo. Functionality (administratively speaking) for me is a nightmare.  I get it, it's a new product, but the learning curve is steep and there is no migration tool allowed if you aren't a paying customer/reseller/partner (which really, C'mon - that's just silly). Quite frankly, if I could get my configuration migrated, I might actually make the switch to XG.  But, by not seeing how my setup transfers over so I can 'see' how its done is just a big turn off for me.

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  • Thats what i mean, version 2.2 is still in progress but they set SSL VPN EOL quite a long time before things are fixed. They are acting like google: "hey we have a new cool tool for you which is much better than the old one. But sorry we are not completley done yet so please be patient and dont ask when its ready" The SSL VPN Client also never got an update in the past years on the UTM!

    Yes the UTM is really in manintenance mode, no new features or anything like that, the last years. They should set them EOL if they want to get rid of UTM but i guess they are still selling a lot of units. XG products are also already replaced with the new XGS Series and i really dont know if we are doing the change to XG/XGS or might switching to a different vendor then. There was quite too much negative experience with Sophos in the past. And the new XG system is a nightmare for me too (administratively speaking). We have 8 UTMs and the software and hardware is quite reliable except the built in consumer adata ssds (which is the biggest failure), but getting lost with the UTM and indirectly forced to migrate to the new XG Models/Software is not quite charming.