disconnecting VPN if internal LAN is connected


my happy little Users are not disconnecting their VPN if they attching their Notebook to the Dockingstation.

They are then connected over VPN AND the internal LAN.

Is there a possibility to automatically disconnect the VPN if they connect to the internal LAN?



  • Hello Tibor,
    which VPN client is used?
    From the SG / UTM side I am not aware of any direct possibility.
    You could possibly block the VPN on the SG firewall ...
    We only use a few of the possible settings of the Open VPN. If OpenVPN brings something like this, it could be set in the config file on the client.
    ... or you can prevent the automatic VPN setup by activating the 2FA of the SG.



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  • Hello Dirk,

    we use the Sophos SSL Client and Securepoint..
    unfortunately i heaven't seen any options like that.

    Yes blocking with the Firewall would be a option but that should bee the last option if nothing other will work.



  • Hallo Tibor,

    I'm not familiar with Securepoint, but I see that it also uses OpenVPN.  Whenever I disconnect my laptop from one network and plug it into another, my SSL VPN connections never automatically re-establish.  Do you see persist-tun in the client config file?

    Cheers - Bob

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