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UTM endpoint protection - retire support at the end of 2019 - SophosCentral usable with HomeLicence?

Hi all,

i have a UTM Home Licence and i am using endpoint protection for my Servers + Clients.


I saw the following message on endpoint protection in the UTM:


We have now stopped selling Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection subscriptions as of December 31st, 2018 and will retire support at the end of 2019.

Customers should upgrade — for free — to Sophos Central-managed Endpoint Protection which delivers enhanced protection and management capabilities. Learn more:

That's why I purchased Sophos HOME - premium for 2 years.
After purchasing i realized, that i can not install Sophos Home to my Windows Server.

So, I wanted to try to "upgrade" to SophosCentral (using but i can't get a Demo, as i am not receiving the Email from Sophos.
It was blocked 2 times from my UTM, now (after fixing the issue) it seems that the message isn't sent anymore (no log in SMTP).



I would like to keep my WindowsServer secure after the end of 2019.

Is there a way to use SophosCentral Endpoint Protection for free with UTM Home Licence?

If not, can a private/Home user purchase Sophos Central Server and Client licences? If yes, where, how much is that?


I am really satisfied using my Sophos UTM and i would like to stay with Sophos Antivirus.
Or do you know any alternatives?

Thanks for your answers!

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