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My local network is very naive.

I have no AD; just a bunch of 40 Windows 7 computers plugged into the physical network (with a couple of Windows 10 and Linux boxes as well).  There is no Windows server of any kind, and no DNS server aside from the Sophos box.

I have a SG310 between my local network and the general internet.  My DNS and DHCP configuration is thus:

  The address of the Sophos port to which my local network is connected is

  Network Services | DNS:
    Allowed networks = my local network =
    DNSSEC validation is checked
    DNS Forwarders are and
    Not using forwarders assigned by ISP
    nothing else is configured

  Network Services | DHCP:
    The interface is set to be my local network
    The DNS server 1 is set to
    The DNS server 2 is
    The default gateway is

This is about as basic as it gets.  And I suspect that more people than are willing to admit it have a similar setup.

My question is: is this setup correct?  In particular, is the DNS configuration under DHCP correct?

I think that DNS server 2 of is totally wrong, but before I take it away I would like a second opinion.

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