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Connecting New Site to Head Office - RED or Another SG?

Hi Guys,

I have an SG230 at Head Office that I have 'hand crafted' all the rules, NAT, forwarding, SPAM filtering etc over the past few years and is working fine. On my local domain I run a number of vLANs and have about 100 users here and a vmWare server infrastructure etc I run a bunch of Ubiquiti switches but still have a Dell 6248 Layer 3 switch as my 'core' switch - so to speak. Hoping to replacing this with another Ubiquiti ES-48. All vLANs, Trunks, LAGs, routing etc is working fine.

I have one small remote site connection to Head Office with a Red15wi - this is working as intended.

That's the current working environment.

Now, I want to add a Branch Office that will sit about 20 staff, an RODC and 20 VOIP phones that will connect back to our PABX at Head Office. I'll be setting them up as a seperate vLAN as their will be Ubiquiti security cameras setup at that site on their own vLAN as well.

So, my question is - should I be looking at a RED device or another SG Firewall to make the connection between the two sites? 

I don't know much about the XG series and am far more comfortable with the SG's  :) 

Any tips or advice is appreciated :)


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  • I'd go with a RED device, unless you're also looking for internet access for the 20 remote staff without back hauling. It'll add up to the resources already in use on the SG.

    “First things first, but not necessarily in that order” – Doctor Who

  • Yeah, ideally we'd only want traffic back to head office going down the pipe, all other internet traffic, Office 365 etc go straight out their connection. 

  • In that case I'd go for an SG or XG. The latter has by the way my preference nowadays. I have some XG`s running site-to-site tunnels to SG's at head offices, albeit using IPSec. Haven't tried a RED type connection between them, honestly.

    “First things first, but not necessarily in that order” – Doctor Who

  • XG RED to SG RED is also easy to set up (just tried).

    “First things first, but not necessarily in that order” – Doctor Who

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