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C2/Generic-A Originating from AFCd?

Hi everyone, looks like I have a similar situation to a few people.

NO Windows machines on the network, just OSX and Linux (QNAP).   Woke up to over 1400 emails regarding ATP C2/Generic-A.   But the originiating seems to be from AFCd?  Any idea what this is?

Googling has given me no ideas.    Any ideas anyone?

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  • my reply from Sophos Support :

    "Thank you for contacting Sophos.

    I've checked your details below. It looks as though DNS traffic to "" are being blocked by ATP. I've seen a few UTM cases like this over the past few days. Your internal network is not exploited and the ATP has done it's job in protecting you. 

    We suggest blocking the source IPs to avoid the alert being triggered again.

    Regards, "

  • Hi, here the same situation.

    But if the support is saying "DNS traffic TO "" are being blocked by ATP",  the the traffic is coming from my firewall or my internal networks...or not?

    In my logs I see UDP traffic FROM

    2016:03:20-06:00:18 <utm> afcd[8471]: id="2022" severity="warn" sys="SecureNet" sub="packetfilter" name="Packet dropped (ATP)" srcip="" dstip="<ext IP>" fwrule="63001" proto="17" threatname="C2/Generic-A" status="1" host="" url="-" action="drop"




  • No, there's a DNS packet trying to resolve the domain, which is on a blacklist. And this packet is destined to your IP address.

    If you have multiple IP addresses on you firewall you get multiple mails to each of the addresses.  And if you have a DNAT to an internal server, your internal server is also listed as destination. 

  • Hi Folks,

    so far, our investigation showed that this was caused by an ATP pattern update which is already overwritten in the meantime. Do you have any other reports later than March, 20?

    Thank you



  • no, so this was a sophos pattern update problem?

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