How to forward multicast between VLANs?

Hi everybody,

I need to forward multicast from my VLAN20 (Clients) to my VLAN21 (Sonos Devices).

At my SG210 I see an option "Interfaces & Routing" -> "Multicast Routing (PIM-SM)" but I don't know how to set it up.

What I want to reach is, that clients von VLAN20 are able to find Sonos devices through multicast, which are in VLAN21, like the guy in that thread does:

Firewall rules with an ANY access vom VLAN20 to VLAN21 are already enabled, but I don't get how to route the mulicast traffic.

Is anybody able to help me?

Thank you and best regards,


  • Hallo Johnny,

    You want the 'Multicast Routing (PIM-SM)' section in 'Interfaces & Routing'.

    Cheers - Bob

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