Ping from Inside, but not from Inside - NAT

I was created a Dnat rule it is working from outside (WAN), but it is not working from the inside (LAN)

  • Hello Nagaraju and welcome to the UTM Community!

    This kind of networking problem can be addressed with split DNS, but it's also possible to do it with NAT rules.

    Instead of just one DNAT using "Any" in 'For traffic from:', you need two rules like the following, in order:

    1. DNAT : Internet IPv4 -> {Any, Ping} -> External (Address) : to {internal device}
    2. Full NAT : Any -> {Any, Ping} -> External (Address) : from Internal (Address) to {internal device}

    Note that NAT rules are in an ordered list, so traffic that qualifies for rule 1 will not be considered for any further rules.

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