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cc get_object list remote network IPs in an IPSEC configuration


Ive got a few IPSec tunnels on a Sophos UTM that have up to 40-50 IPs on the remote network.
(Not my call, I can't fight the other side).
Please what cc get_object incantations can help me print out all the IPs? Because, unsurprisingly, the other side(s) need the listing, and it is pretty difficult trying to use the UI to get the IPs out.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    Usually, there'll be an object created for each definition. So if there are 40 hosts added in the IPsec remote gateway configuration then there will be 40 different REF_objects fo that.

    For a test, You can run --> cc get ipsec connections

    Pick the REF ID of the tunnel and run the command --> cc get_object <REF> 

    Here you'll find the REF for remote_gateway, Run the same command (cc get_object <REF>) for REF you found for gateway and it'll have the objects in the remote network listed, you can further run (get_object) command to find out defined networks/hosts.

  • Thanks Devesh.
    Appears that the slog-through is the only way.

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    FormerMember in reply to SinaOwolabi1

    Yea, For your exact requirement, that's the only way around :)