"Target Service not allowed" suddenly for all HTTP traffic. UTM 9.705-7

Hello all,

Hoping this is something simple that may have gotten turned on. I have my end users complaining they are getting a "Sophos warning message, and I can't get to the site anymore."  I've noticed that this is happening with only HTTP requests and for the majority of the users when I tell them to try HTTPS it works.

Is there something I'm missing or that may have gotten turned on?

Screen shot of one of the examples attached.

  • What does your Web Filtering Options look like?  Should look like this, with HTTP in the Target Services field:

    UTM - 9.707 | Intel i3-4150 4th Gen Processor
    16GB Memory | 500GB SATA HDD | GB Ethernet x5

  • Amodin, that was indeed the case. Somehow when I was configuring a Full Nat  rule for external sec cam viewing I must of changed the HTTP port/service, instead of the one created for the sec cam service. It is almost as if, for dummies like me( :) ), that there should be a "Are you sure?" warning for the major default services!