Pass traffic from one Sophos-attached Subnet through IPSec VPN on Sophos


I have an SG330 that has an IPSec VPN with an external peer. Both the on the SG330 and the on the external peer are able to talk.

Im trying to route the traffic from a router external to the SG330 (where it has a leg), through this IPSec VPN that's setup on the Sophos.
From the diagram below, I would like IPs on the subnet be able to interact with IPs on the subnet that's available to the Sophos through the IPSec VPN, but is only available to the Sophos subnet.
Is there a way I can masquerade the traffic to appear as traffic and vice versa, using the SG330?

Thanks for any advice!

  • NAT/masquerade may be possible ... but first try to add the to the IPSec-tunnel definition


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