Microsoft Teams Calendar through WAF

Did anyone manage to resolve the issue with Teams calendars not showing when using Exchange through the WAF?

Microsoft Teams Calendar through WAF - Network Protection: Firewall, NAT, QoS, & IPS - UTM Firewall - Sophos Community

The original thread has been locked with no solution included.

  • Hi David,

    Do you learn anything from doing #1 in Rulz?  Are there any hints in the WAF log?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hi David

    I assume that you are using Exchange in Hybrid Mode. Since a few Years there is a new Hybrid Mode where an Agent is installed on the Exchange, which (should) Proxy all connections (except SMTP) to and from O365.

    We are using this new (Modern Hybrid) Mode, and have no problems seeing each others Calendars in Teams while using WAF for Exchange (but without Reverse Proxy for now).

    Maybe you can check which mode you are using and test it with the new modern Hybrid Mode if it is not enabled at the moment?