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Hi all,

maybe a stupid question, but i'm struggling here...

Our company has got their own domain let's call it: *, now we've got an external partner hosting a subdomain, let's call it

From outside the company network, ist accessible without any issue - but from inside the company network it's not possible.

So I'm desperately searching the place at our Sophos UTM where to define the routing for the particular subdomain.

I was thinking about creating a network host, but I'm unsecure if it could be so easy ;)

Sorry for my english, I'm no native speaker.

Kind regards,


  • If "" resolved with external IP, the domain should be handled as every other external domain by the SG/UTM.

    Try to resolve from internal PC and from SG (support/tools/DNS ... i think)


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  • Hello Dirk, thanks for your response, in the meantime I figured out that the issue was related to the DNS configuration of the Windows-DNS-server.

  • Hallo Frank and welcome to the UTM Community!

    This all depends on how you have DNS and Web Filtering configured.  Sometimes, all that's needed is configuring a DNS Request Route in WebAdmin.  You might be interested in DNS best practice.

    Note that when your browser is set for Standard mode (explicit Proxy), it's the UTM Proxy that resolves the FQDN to an IP.  In Transparent mode, the browser does it itself before the UTM Proxy captures the access.

    Cheers - Bob

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