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We upgraded to 9.705-7 just a couple of weeks ago and had an issue with an existing SNAT rule that stopped working. I logged a call with support and about 6 hours after logging the call the rule suddenly started working again. we have now noticed that we have the same issue with another SNAT rule, this rule is for a secondary Session Boarder Controller (SBC) so we did not notice until we tried to test the DR setup for our Sykpe system. The SNAT rule in question should change the source for traffic on any port going from the SBC which is on going to & to OUR SIP provider is rejecting the traffic because it is not coming from the correct IP address, the UTM is presenting the traffic from instead of 

We do have a call with support but due are struggling to get a response to time zone differences. Has anyone else seen this before?

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    Would it be possible for you to share screenshots of the configured SNAT rule? Please also include the screenshot of the services or service group configured with the SNTA rule. You may obscure your IP addresses for discretion.


  • Hi Mark - welcome to the UTM Community!

    That NAT rule is in the #1 position, so it should take precedence over everything else relative to "HG SBC."

    As a mod, I can see that you posted from that 74. IP, so that must be your standard masquerading rule.

    My guess here would be that the SBC is getting a different IP for some reason and that its outbound traffic is going via your masq rule.

    Cheers - Bob

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