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Accessing the GUI of a Sophos SG 310

I am new to the Sophos SG 310 and wanted to access the GUI. I was given the username and password to the GUI. When I connect to the wireless network that SG 310 has firewalled I noticed its IP address is 172.168.400.1 but the IP Address my computer is given is 172.168.401.x 

Inserting the 172.168.400.1 into a browser states the site cannot be reached.

Any tips on getting me to the login page is appreciated.

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  • Ah!  From my cheat sheet:

    If you prefer, obfuscate IPs like 84.XX.YY.121, 10.X.Y.100, 192.168.X.200 and 172.2X.Y.51.  That lets us see immediately which IPs are local and which are identical or just in the same subnet.

    Cheers - Bob

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