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Hi all,

I have a bunch of users now in Home Office that have connected their laptops over Sophos VPN (we use UTM 9) to our network. I want to have access to the laptops from within the network to update some configurations over our deployment tool.

Running the deployment tool gives me this answer: "The network path was not found: Share:\\\ADMIN$"

I can ping them, no problem, but I can't access the laptop as I could, if they were physically in our network. What do I miss?

This works:

ping \\

This does not work (in PowerShell):

cd \\\ADMIN$

This works only it if the laptop is physically in the network, not over VPN).

What kind of configuration do I miss? Or isn't it possible at all?

Kind regards,


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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    Did you configure your internal DNS server and domain name under Remote Access > Advanced? 


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