One subnet can't access another subnet


I'm obviously doing something wrong and it's driving me mad

Sophos UTM. 3 NICs. 1 is the external (internet) NIC

2 is

3 is off of this is a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro (UDM) which has coming out, with cameras and WiFi clients

I can access the UDM via domain name and configure it and view cameras

But I canNOT access the UDM by IP address -

I have set a F/W rule: My machine IP as a Host -> Any IP4 -> Network (Allow), and log access, and I can see it allowing it through, but the browser times out and never connects. But even without the F/W I CAN connect using the domain name

Any clues?

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  • Thank you everyone. That does indeed work

    I wasn't understanding the Ubiquiti UDM and had to also open "WAN Local" to traffic coming though the Sophos UTM, that then immediately allowed me to see the UDM network ( coming through the network (Purple Network) on Sophos, from my Green Network


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