Dual WAN in load balance with same Upstream gateway

HI, had a search through the forums, but could not find a solution that I suspect is easy to setup, just not completely clear on location for configuations.

Sophos UTM9.7

Dual Wan connections I am wanting to load balance.

Both Wan connections are dhcp and receive a fixed IP that are in the same network range/subnet, and so have the same gateway address.


wan1 IP:

wan1 GW:

wan2 IP:

wan2 GW:

I have gone back to my ISP provider and ask them to to put the 2 Wan connections on 2 different networks, but have not had a response back yet.

I have checked a few question/responses in the community forums, and I an thinking it may be possible to do this using zones? but not sure if this is possible or how to with the UTM 9.x

Cheers, S.

  • it ... could work ... possibly ... for some time ...
    but you got a routing problem. 2 Interfaces can/should not connect the same subnet.

    and with SG we don't have zones ... but zones don't solve this problem


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  • Hi Stephen and welcome to the UTM Community!

    WebAdmin and the configuration daemon automatically create routes between the subnets defined on the UTM's interfaces.  As Dirk said, it appears that you have created a routing conflict as you have the same subnet on both interfaces.

    Unlike most routers, the UTM doesn't require the default gateway to be in the subnet defined on the interface.  The easiest solution would be to get fixed IPs like and and assign both a default gateway of

    Cheers - Bob 

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