Vine Thermostat

I have vine smart thermostats and I can't get them to connect to the server on their end for updating.

I had them working until I installed my sophos UTM and now no matter what settings I have I can't figure out what is blocking it.

I keep getting

2020:09:14-00:00:25 ****** ulogd[623]: id="2001" severity="info" sys="SecureNet" sub="packetfilter" name="Packet dropped" action="drop" fwrule="60003" outitf="eth1" mark="0x144e" app="1102" srcmac="40:62:31:13:f7:f3" srcip="" dstip="" proto="6" length="40" tos="0x00" prec="0x00" ttl="64" srcport="80" dstport="49153" tcpflags="ACK PSH FIN" 

Thanks for the help.
  • looks like to do not have a rule  in place as it is being dropped "on output" - fwrule="60003"

    so a filter rule on eth1 is stopping it from working, and the destination ip of ""

    you will need to understand what is going on and what rules are stopping it.

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  • Hello Scott,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community!

    Make sure you have the correct Firewalls to allow this traffic if as mentioned by Argo, there must be a rule or lack of one that is causing this drop.

    Try creating a Firewall rule for this host "" with service ANY destination ANY make sure the position of this rule is on Top. 


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  • This looks like a problem with the Vine server in Amazon AWS, Scott.  Its response to your thermostat's HTTP request was blocked because the UTM's stateful firewall thought that the conversation was over - probably because the server took longer than expected to respond.  Then again, maybe this is nothing to worry about and it's just another example of the "chattiness" of TCP - maybe the server had indeed finished updating the thermostat - can you tell if it was updated?

    If there is a problem, we'll need to try changing one of the ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout values.

    Cheers - Bob

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