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Upgrade to UTM 9.601-5 firmware doesn't start FW NAT rules on boot


I got information from my UTM that a new firmware 9.601-5 was available. I installed it and after reboot I discover that all my NAT rules where not activated ! I had to go on each one and disable/enable them to get back the working setup :(

I did it with some of them and then reboot the UTM: again rules where not applied. Disable/enable them and evrything is OK.

For some rules I didn't apply the "automatic firewall rules" in GUI but had create myself the FW rules: those NAT rules where activated. But for NAT rules with forwarding ports to other physical hosts but *not the host himself and the VMs running on it where the UTM lies* doesn't matter which setup (manual or automatically), I have to activate "automatic FW rules" and disable/enable the rules to get them working.

No need to say that prior firmware versions didn't had this problem.

Does anyone face the same problem and confirm?


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  • Just an update :

    After being told by Sophos SUpport AU 7-Nov that this was resolved in 9.700-5 and then confirming with them is wasn't actually fixed,  I heard back from Support a few more weeks later 5-Dec:



    I did some more research on this case and found it to be published already in the known issues list for the UTM with ID : NUTM-11201

    This issue should be fixed in the 9.701 MR1 which most probably gonna release in this month though no any exact date provided.

    Please refer below known issue list details 


    So it seems 9.701 MR1 will contain the "real" fix


    Is there any publicly accessible FTP site that has earliest accessto UTM updates?   Can resellers join a beta program to access such?



  • Nothing special for us, Grant.  The availability for download prior to release will be announced here and in 'RELEASE NOTES & NEWS' at the top.  Tips & Tricks - How to Participate Efficiently Here might interest you.

    Cheers - Bob

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