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Network connection fails on dual boot machine after closing windows and starting linux (openSUSE Leap 15.4)

I have recently moved a workstation to a different room and it has a copper connection to a small L2/3 switch.  The computer is an HP Z640 and all good but I have found that if it has been running windows and is then re-started and booted to Leap 15.4 there is no network connection.  The only way I have found to get a network connection is to unplug the power cord and boot again.  Re-booting in either system is fine and going from Leap 15.4 to windows is fine but going from windows to Leap 15.4 fails every time.

The wan connection router is connected directly to the UTM (SG135) and the subnet interface I am using in this case is defined, including DNS and DHCP.  This route then connects to a switch where it is tagged as a vlan from which it is trunk connected to one or two switches downstream until it end in an access port on my subnet in the new location.  

Since the route connects and works correctly in most cases and only fails if I have restarted from windows to linux there must be something different in the way the connection is made from the computer.  Possibly an arp cache being retained somewhere from windows when it should not be or some tool that windows uses which forces a connection.

I have concentrated my checking on the computer because this is where the problem appears to sit but I am asking the question here just in case there is something set up within the UTM which presumes the windows connection and does not see the linux connection packet.

Grateful if anybody can help please.



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